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You got a brilliant business idea and now you're looking for an amazing website, but, you don't have the big bucks, just yet? Look no further - we've got you.

Pay per Month

You'll pay a fixed monthly amount.


Hosting and email are included!

Different options

Custom design vs. a predefined design.


Cancellable at any time (conditions apply).


We offer affordable TYPO3 Website Subscription Plans with hosting, email accounts + 24/7 support *.

* Applies to hosting issues only - not to website or code-related issues.

69 mo
0 yr

Predefined Layout Website

  • Design based on a
    Predefined Layout
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 25 GB Band Width
  • Plesk Web Manager
  • Web Statistics
  • 24/7 Hosting Support *
  • Exclusively for new websites!

Terms, Conditions & Game Rules

Here are a few things to consider when deciding about whether or not a Subscription-based Website is something for you:

You commit to paying 12 monthly terms of the specified, monthly amount (which differs per website/design type). The total price you'll pay over the course of these 12 months is a combination of the website development costs + monthly hosting.

After those 12 months, you'll continue to pay the hosting part of the monthly amount, until you decide to cancel your subscription. So, after the 12-month period, you'll only pay for monthly hosting, as you would anyway with a "normal" website.

If at any time (during the first 12 months) you wish to cancel the subscription, the website will be taken offline (unless you buy off the remaining/outstanding amount). 

At any time (during the first 12 months), you are able to buy off the remaining/outstanding amount of the total price that would normally be charged over the complete 12-month period.

If, at any time, you decide to cancel the subscription and you do not pay the remaining/outstanding amount of the total price, the website will be taken offline. After those 12 monthly terms, there's usually no remaining/outstanding amount left. The only amount you'll continue to pay on a monthly bases after the 12 months, is for the hosting.

After the 12 monthly terms have been paid (and only then), you are free to copy or transfer the website, should you decide to do so. In other words, after the 12 monthly terms, the website is yours and you are free to do with it as you please.

Furthermore: there's a minimum delivery time of 10 days during which your website will be prepared and installed. The reason for this is simple: we'll go through your wishes (via email and/or a remote meeting) and will adjust the template accordingly. In case of the custom design option, please take into a consideration a longer preparation and customization time  (+/- 21 days).

Hosting Terms of Service

In addition to the Terms, Conditions & Game Rules listed above, our Hosting Terms of Service apply to the hosting part of our Subscription Websites. By agreeing to the Terms, Conditions & Game Rules, you also agree to these Hosting of Terms of Service. Please click here to read our Hosting Terms.

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